Hacienda Heights, CA

Ai Ling Lee AKA Linda Lee of Hacienda Heights

Ai Ling Lee discusses life in America

A journey to Los Angeles
Insurance professional Ai-Ling Lee has lived a dynamic life exploring the world and much of her success can be attributed to tenacity and the grounding influence of her early years in Taiwan.
Early life in Taiwan
Ai Ling Lee was born in 1960 in Taipei, Taiwan. A long-time major East Asian hub, Taipei provided a rich cultural heritage for Lee though Taiwan faced strife in the 1960s as it moved toward a special municipality designation in 1967 and continued under martial law for an extended period.
In Ai-Ling Lee’s first decade, the bustling capital city crested a one million population, a level it still reaches to this day. Despite the tensions in the region, there was the opportunity for education, and students maximized this for building a better life at home and abroad.

Choosing a new life

Leaving home is never easy, but for Ai-Ling Lee, the possibilities of unique opportunities on distant shores beckoned. Eventually, she permanently relocated to the Los Angeles area to pursue a new life.
Career as an insurance agent
For Ai-Ling Lee, the great Los Angeles area also provided a special opportunity to grow her chosen career as an independent insurance agent specializing in a variety of policy types.
From commercial insurance for small businesses and corporations to consumer policies for rentals, life, and travel, Ai-Ling Lee has helped a large number of people stay protected when life throws a curveball. As the world has evolved, her career has also changed with more young people recognizing the importance of planning ahead for life events early with adequate insurance coverage. World changes, including the COVID-19 pandemic, have also raised awareness of the benefits of travel insurance for the larger public.

With the robust metro population,

the insurance career has proven very successful and helped provide the funds necessary to cultivate a personal interest in traveling to international locations, such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Australia. In all these locations, breathtaking vistas combined with unique historical and cultural learning opportunities that Ai-Ling Lee cherishes. In Spain, many of the influxes of early California culture are proudly on display while ancient architecture and breathtaking painting and sculpture were embraced in both Italy and Greece.
In the future, Ai Ling Lee plans to travel to even more countries and experience their unique take on life. As a person who has experienced two distinctive cultures in her life, Lee appreciates the things that make us different are also the things that bring cultures together when they are willing to talk and learn.

Life in Hacienda Heights, California

Over her years in Los Angeles, Ai Ling Lee eventually grew roots in the Hacienda Heights area outside of the city on the east side. Here she enjoys access to the larger urban environment while embracing a small-town aesthetic.
Local restaurants and relaxation opportunities abound in the city of 55,000. Crowd favorites are Oh! Crab for a bit of Cajun and seafood and the Akasaka restaurant for sushi. Ai Ling Lee always recommends exploring the local options to really get to know both her town and any new city.

Ai Ling Lee AKA Linda Lee of Hacienda Heights

Hacienda Heights, CA

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